Friday, October 11, 2013

Hint Of Autumns

PSP 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 OR 12, it works as well
I'm using Hint Of Autumn by Vesta (Vesta's Visions)-HERE, the download is working fine
Template #2 Dangerous Delicious-HERE
Wordart-Autumn Days, I made my own wordart-Download HERE
Mask of your choose. I use WSL_Mask84
Font of your choose

Be sure to leave some love on their blog :)

I use Elias Chatzoudis-Purchase HERE

Filter-Eye Candy 4000/Gradient Glow, Texture Effect/Blinds (it comes with PSP), Xero/Porcelain

1.Open Template #2, delete credit, wordart (Love me or hate me.  I'm still gonna shine) and stars.

2.Open Frame 4, resize if possible, move right under the dotted circle

3.Highlight teal square.  Selections/Select All, Float, Defloat.  Copy/paste Paper 3 and invert, use your keyboard to delete.  Remove teal square and select none. Effect/Eye Candy 4000/Gradient Glow
The setting is
Glow Width-3.00
Soft Corners-25
Overall Opacity-100

4.Highlight rust rectangle, repeat Eye Candy 4000.

5.Highlight brown square.  Copy/paste Paper 6.   Selections/Select All, Float, Defloat.  Invert, use your keyboard to delete. Select None. Repeat Candy 4000.

6.Highlight rust rectangle (under grey sqaure).  Repeat Eye Candy 4000. Effects/Texture Effect/Blinds
The setting are
Ticked Light from left/top
Click OK

7.Highlight grey square. Selections/Select All, Float, Defloat. Fill with color to match with your tube of choose. I use #4d4b3b.  Copy/paste tube, Selections/Invert, use your keyboard to delete. Select None.  On your layer, Lumiance (Legacy).

8.Highlight top. Copy/paste tube and rename Elias. (See my tag)

9.Open Decor 1, copy/paste and move under Elias. Effects/Drop Shadow. 
The setting is
V/H  -2
Attibutes 86
Blur 9.00
Highlight Elias, repeat drop shadow.  Effect/Xero/Porcelain/Default.

10.Hightlight top.  Open Dangle. Image/Resize, 75% (once).  Image/Rotate/Left 90. Move to right below tube. Duplicate dangle. Image/Mirror and move a little bit. Repeat drop shadow.

11. Copy/paste wordart Autumn Days (see my tag). Repeat Gradient Glow/thick white

12.Shift & D to copy. Remove DD_Template 2_Shine. Window pop up, click No. It will go away.  Resize 600 x 528 and don't forget to click Resize all layers and click OK.

13. Copy/paste paper 4. Layer/Mask, I use WSL_Mask84 and click load. Layer/Merge. Move to bottom. Duplicate. Image/Flip.

That's it! I hope you enjoy my tutorial.


Save as PNG.